Posted by Stuart

About me

I am an Energy Storage Technologies Consultant – mainly focusing on realising the benefits of storage coupled to low-carbon energy sources. I’m employed by E.ON UK plc, and currently helping to set up our new residential PV & Battery business, E.ON Solar, offering solar-panel and battery systems to customers across the UK. My current role involves providing technical support and advice to the sales and delivery teams; helping to design the optimum systems for customers; bringing new products into our portfolio; and also managing the development of our Microsoft Dynamics-based ‘customer-relationship management’ (CRM) system to ensure it is fit for purpose for the future business.

Previous to joining ‘real life’ I was a student at Merton College, Oxford, one of the colleges making up the University of Oxford. I did both my Chemistry undergraduate and postgraduate degrees there, amongst the “Dreaming Spires”, latterly funded by a grant from the EMF Biological Research Trust, under the joint supervision of Prof. P.J. Hore and Dr. C.R. Timmel. You can see their Research Group pages here and here. I also completed my Part II project under the supervision of Prof. Hore.

I’m not particularly sporty, but I enjoy playing hockey for the Derby Hockey Club most weekends.